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Housing construction

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KRAUCK-SYSTEMS housing construction


In the past 30 years, KRAUCK-SYSTEMS has been mainly able to prove its competence and responsibility in large construction projects. In the course of the specialisation and evolution of the technology, the Conflict-Free-Engineering can now also be applied to “smaller” construction plans. In working together in partnership with builder-owners, architects and investors, housing projects are jointly developed, planned and built. A multi-win situation for all project participants!


Housing objects creates by KRAUCK-SYSTEMS are generally freely finances housing projects and thus not tied to and funding-depended provisions. Are you a property owner, builder-owner or investor? Do you already have ideas of what kind of housing projects shall be implemented on your area? We will support you with our competences and guarantee to take over responsibilities. We provide you the certainty for conflict-free project-planning, -management and -processing.

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