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KS  Plan check
The initial check
Possible sources for error in the construction planning in the shape of coordination deficits, incomplete presentation and deviations of existing specifications by the builder-owner are already detected by the PLAN-CHECK initial check prior to the start of construction at any point of the planning and are made visible and manageable and thus easily comprehensible.
The partial check
With the extended PLAN-CHECK partial check, numerous coordination deficits, incomplete presentations and deviations from the existing are detected in every project phase and at any point of the planning and are made visible and documented manageably and thus easily comprehensible.
The complete check
With the PLAN-CHECK complete check, all existing and detected deficiencies are documented including information on the location, the affected subsection and the plan data as well as a visualisation of the controlling reports. These are then transmitted to the affected project participants and corrected until all deficiencies are resolved. The Plan-Check complete check also ensures the specifications conformity and completeness of the planning results of subsection of all types.
Documented with the red approval seal KS

    • Deficiencies or collisions
    • Coordination deficits of the planning content
    • Specification deviations
Confirmed and guaranteed with the green approval seal KS

    • that the present deficiencies and deviations have been resolved
    • that from a planning perspective, the basis has been produced for conflict-free construction
    • the accuracy of fit, e.g. pre-production of finished parts
    • a CAFM-conformity to administer, maintain, control and manage the implemented object with all technical facilities
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