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Project management

Service profile

KS  Projekt management
The Goal

The primary goal of KRAUCK SYSTEMS is the optimisation of planning and construction processes, recognising and preventing non-coordination to keep within and reduce the estimated project costs. To do so, KRAUCK-SYSTEMS will do everything necessary to support you in your project as needed as well as provide suggestions for possible optimisations. Our ambition and simultaneously our motivation is to meet the deadlines and budgets specified by our clients - and to undercut these significantly in most cases.
The Technologie

In order to achieve this goal KRAUCK-SYSTEMS applies a software- and system-solution which was developed specifically for this in combination with a team of experts. The KS real-data total system is the central hub of the entire project and encompasses the functionalities to collect, control, document and monitor all transactions as well as the entire project content, which is needed to coordinate all parties involved and to create the conflict-free planning results in all project phases. The software- and system-solutions applied within that include the following modules which we utilise for your project:
    • KS-Realdata total system
    • KS Grafic database
    • KS Transaction database
    • KS PCMS (Project coordinating monitoring system)
    • KS Logbook
    • KS Todo management
    • KS Datawall documents
    • KS Datawall plan
    • Intelligent KS model / 3D
Documented with the red approval seal KS

    • Deficiencies or collisions
    • Coordination deficits of the planning content
    • Specification deviations
Confirmed and guaranteed with the green approval seal KS

    • that the present deficiencies and deviations have been resolved
    • that from a planning perspective, the basis has been produced for conflict-free construction
    • the accuracy of fit, e.g. pre-production of finished parts
    • a CAFM-conformity to administer, maintain, control and manage the implemented object with all technical facilities
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