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KRAUCK SYSTEMS - What it is and what it can do
KRAUCK SYSTEMS is the leading provider of a project management and control system based on real data. Through specially trained engineering specialists, all relevant information, plans, specifications and norms on any investment projects are already collected in the planning phases and converted into a real-data faithful 3D model.  >  3D gallery

That way, the entire subsequent building process is already simulated in the planning stage and visualised on the basis of the aligned data. With the help of control functions, especially at the connection points between single groups, errors, lack of planning and deviations from the builder-owner’s specifications are systematically detected and removed in due time before the start of construction. 

The result is a gapless planning basis which has been completely coordinated across all groups for the entire construction project. In the then subsequent construction execution, that means CONFLICT-FREE ENGINEERING: preventing construction delays, addendums, stand-stills, legal disputes and the respectively associated added costs for the builder-owner of the investor.


The KRAUCK-SYSTEMS Service groups

To date, worldwide no other project management- and control-instrument has been in a position to impact the most important factors for success in construction such as cost, time and quality as positively and to ensure the implementation of all construction projects according to plan.

The application of the KRAUCK technology is thus significantly more complex and efficient than the diverse solutions under the heade BIM (Building Information Modeling) could deliver. This tool for methodical planning and control construction planning can only be as good as its user’s skill in operating it and feeding it correct and cross-aligned (original) data. KRAUCK SYSTEMS assumes the responsibility for the alignment with a technology specifically developed for this, on the basis of time-exact and pinpoint precise real data, which are dynamically verified in a single, central database for all work groups. > 3D gallery

We will gladly produce a first PLAN-CHECK for your construction projects as an investor, developer, architect, planner or project-controller or -developer.

KRAUCK-SYSTEMS housing construction

Based on the experience of numerous large projects, further efficient application options arise for KRAUCK-SYSTEMS in freely funded housing construction – also for “smaller” construction plans. Of great interest to builder-owners and investors, as it is profitable. More >
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